xinsane_kittyx (xinsane_kittyx) wrote in jpa_fans,

Hey Everyone!

Hey. I am new. I didn't know there was a John LJ Community until today, so i joined. I am a huge fan of his. I am making a site on him on the Web. Its going to be Huge. (no lie) . Here is my site's url - - its not open yet, but the forum is up.. And i also posted my friends John site (which is my other site i am a part of..but i don't really own it.. I am just a co-owner..Its called John Amedori Online) My site is called John Amedori Zone.. Well if anyone could help by sending exclusive pics (not ones u find on the internet) of john.. It would be a huge help for my site. (maybe autograph pictures he sent to u all (most of u))

<3 Kitty
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